Family of Rochester man still searching for answers after body found in Genesee River


The family of a young man whose body was pulled from the Genesee River Friday night say they’re still searching for answers.

20-year-old Alonzo Williams had been missing since Thanksgiving. Alonzo’s body was found in the river near the RG&E station late Friday night. His family got the news Monday.

Alonzo’s aunt talked to News10NBC outside his home. Inside the rest of the family members were consoling each other.

Leslie Gordon, Alonzo’s aunt, said, “We just were kind of hopeful that maybe he went somewhere out of town or someone’s house or whatever, but unfortunately, this is the outcome.”

Alonzo’s body was found late Friday in the water at High Falls. Police used flashlights to help the recovery.

Alonzo Williams disappeared in November. His family put up posters, made t-shirts and invited the media to rallies, trying to keep the search for Alonzo on the radar. One of the people helping with the search was Pastor Britt Pledger.

Pastor Britt Pledger, Jesus the Christ Church said, “I believe right now there is some closure. We do know that, we have an outcome. “

Pledger is upset because he says he asked police to search this area before. He says the family had an inkling they would find something.

Pastor Britt Pledger said, “We tried everything else. We posted. We Facebooked. We did numerous things, all kinds of outreach.   If he was somewhere visible, someone would have seen him.”

Williams wasn’t working when he went missing, but he was a high school graduate and was prom king at Franklin High School. His family can’t understand why this happened.

Gordon said, “He comes from a nice home. He had everything so we’re struggling with the same questions, why? And I think at this point we’ll never know.”

A sense of closure does not take the pain away for Alonzo’s family. The family is making arrangements now. Police haven’t figured out the cause or manner of his death yet.

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